Thạnh Tân

– Location:  Thanh Tan Commune; Tan Phuoc district, Tien Giang Province

– Area: 50,00 ha

– Locations layout: mechanical industry – assembly; wooden product; rubber industry (non-processing of latex) and articles of plastics; Production of building materials; production of new materials, fiberglass; Electronic refrigeration; manufacturing equipment, household goods; pharmaceutical production, pharmaceutical chemistry, cosmetics and medical equipment; processing agricultural and forest products.


Preferential policies for investment in infrastructure of industrial complexes

  + Land rent: 

      During construction time: 

           Exemption from land rent or water surface rent during the capital construction period according to projects approved by competent authorities, which, however, must not exceed 3 years as from the date of issuance of decisions on land or water surface rent.
          The exemption of land rent and water surface rent during the capital construction period shall be implemented in accordance with the project associated with the new land lease by the State, transfer from land assignment without collection of land use levy to land lease, excluding In case of investment in building, renovating and expanding production and business establishments and re-planting gardens on the land areas being leased by the State.

      After the time of basic construction

          Land rent exemption after the land rent exemption duration of the capital construction duration for the entire land lease duration after the capital construction time due to investment in the district-level places on the list of geographical areas subject to economic conditions It is difficult to meet the requirements of the law on investment

  + Corporate income tax:

– Nhà đầu tư đầu tư vào địa bàn có điều kiện kinh tế – xã hội đặc biệt khó khăn (huyện Tân Phước) được hưởng ưu đãi thuế suất và thời gian miễn giảm thuế thu nhập doanh nghiệp như sau:

– Investor invest in specially dificult Socioeconomically areas (Tan Phuoc District) to be enjoy enterprise income Tax incentives as Follow:

    Thuế suất 10% trong thời hạn 15 năm, sau thời hạn này thì thuế suất thuế thu nhập doanh nghiệp hiện hành,  Thời gian áp dụng thuế suất ưu đãi này được tính liên tục từ năm đầu tiên doanh nghiệp có doanh thu.

     Rating cess 10% in 15 year, after that Take up corporate income tax rate applicable, The Time apply preferential tax rate is calculated continuously from the first year enterprise revenue

      Miễn thuế 04 năm, giảm 50% số thuế phải nộp trong 09 năm tiếp theo. Thời gian miễn giảm thuế được tính liên tục từ năm đầu tiên có thu nhập chịu thuế được hưởng ưu đãi thuế.

    Tax exemption for 04 years, 50% of the tax payable in the next 09 years. Tax exemption period is calculated continuously from the first year of taxable income tax incentives.

  + Export – import tax: 

  + Non-agricultural land use tax: 



Preferential policies for investment projects in industrial clusters