Why do you choose invest in Tien Giang?


    Tien  Giang is 70 Km away from Ho Chi Minh City, Towards the south of Viet Nam. It is a gateway for trading between the Mekong Delta, Ho Chi Minh City and Eastern areas of the South. The traveling system is good for both roadway and waterway –especially since the HCMC-Trung Luong Freeway mas put into operation – and traveling time between Tien Giang and Ho Chi Minh City has beeen significantly reduced. As a result, Tien Giang can be consideered as a suburb of Ho Chi Minh City

    Tien Giang covers an area of 2.508 square kilometers with the popolation of 1,7 million habitants, among which 59,3% ( 01 million habitants) is of working age.

          Climate: Tien Giang has two distinguished seasons; rainy season is from May to November and dry season is from December to April. Average annual temperature is 28oC, temperatures is different months vary a litle, fluctuating around 4oC. Annual rainfall is about 1.467 mm.

          Transport: Transport is convenient and good bouth bay land and by warter with main roads such as Freeway Ho Chi Minh City – Trung Luong, National Highway 60, and National Highway 30. As For rivers, there is the Tien River, Cho Gao Chanel, and Soai Rap River, among others, all of which facilitate traveling and transporting goods from Tien Giang to other places in Mekong Delta area an Ho Chi Minh city. The waterway is also a transit for other countries  in the Mekong Delta area, Laos, Thai Lan and Cambodia.

    Tien Giang has My Tho port (capacity: 300.000 tons/year) which can handle vessels with loading capacity of 3.000 tons.